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Top 5 Entry Level Zero Drop Shoes

Zero drop shoes have gained popularity in recent years due to their benefits for foot health and natural movement. These shoes offer a level platform, with no height difference between the heel and the toe, allowing the foot to maintain a more natural posture. If you’re looking for entry-level zero [...]

10 Reasons Why Zero Drop Footwear is Better Than Traditional “Heeled” Shoes

Zero Drop Footwear is a popular shoe option that has gained significant attention in recent years. Unlike traditional shoes, Zero Drop shoes do not have a difference in height between the heel and the toe. In this article, we will discuss 10 reasons why Zero Drop Footwear is better than [...]

Zero Drop Footwear vs Minimalist / Barefoot Footwear

Zero Drop Footwear vs Minimalist / Barefoot Footwear “Zero Drop” footwear and “Minimalist” or “Barefoot” footwear are two popular footwear styles that are gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a more natural walking and running experience. However, despite their similarities, these two styles of footwear are similar [...]

How to Transition to Zero Drop Footwear

Zero Drop Footwear refers to shoes that have a heel-to-toe difference of Zero millimeters. This means that the heel and toe are at the same level, providing a natural and barefoot-like feel. Transitioning to Zero Drop Footwear can take some time and requires proper planning and preparation. However, the benefits [...]


ABOUT WHITIN FOOTWEAR WHITIN is a brand of footwear that is known for its high-quality construction and comfortable fit. Only available on Amazon, the company produces a wide range of shoes for both men and women, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, and dress shoes. One of the most popular types [...]


ABOUT ALTRA RUNNING CO. Altra Footwear is a Utah-based company that designs and manufactures running shoes and hiking footwear. The company was founded in 2011 by two former engineers at the running shoe company, One of the key differentiators of Altra shoes is their unique foot-shaped design, which aims to [...]

E-Commerce Online Shopping Safety

E-Commerce Online Shopping Safety *ZeroDropFootwear.com is an Affiliate-based website and may receive compensation if a purchase is made on Amazon or the Brand’s Official websites. Shopping online has become so convenient and popular way for people to purchase the products and services they need. With the proliferation of e-commerce websites, [...]