Altra Footwear is a Utah-based company that designs and manufactures running shoes and hiking footwear. The company was founded in 2011 by two former engineers at the running shoe company,

One of the key differentiators of Altra shoes is their unique foot-shaped design, which aims to mimic the shape of the human foot. This design includes a wide toe box that allows the toes to spread out naturally, a zero-drop heel-to-toe differential (meaning that the heel and toe are at the same level), and a cushioned midsole for added comfort.

The idea behind this unique design is to promote a natural, more efficient stride and reduce the risk of injury. This design concept been well received by runners, hikers and fitness enthusiasts. Most of their shoes demonstrate a sizeable stack height which makes transitioning to Zero Drop Footwear a bit easier.

Another aspect that makes Altra Footwear stand out is the use of “foot-shaped” lasts, which are the molds around which the shoes are built. This allows Altra shoes to have a more anatomically correct fit and to feel more like an extension of the foot, rather than a foreign object.

Altra’s product lineup includes running shoes, hiking shoes, and sandals. They also have a variety of performance-level shoes including road, trail, and track shoes. The company also caters to special population that has a wider foot or needs orthotics.

In addition to its footwear, Altra also offers a range of apparel and accessories, such as socks and running hydration packs.

Overall, Altra Footwear is a company that is dedicated to promoting natural, efficient movement and has established itself as a reputable player in the running shoe market. They continue to innovate in the industry with new technologies and designs.



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