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This site is intended to serve as a valuable resource for those who prefer Zero Drop shoes but may be unaware of what all is available to them within the United States. “Zero Drop” meaning footwear in which the heel is completely level with the toe base in order to provide a more natural foot placement. There’s a ton of excellent information out there regarding the concept of Zero Drop footwear of which I encourage everyone to research for themselves. I, however have been a firm believer in the concept since I got my first pair of Altra’s in 2010 and have never gone back to normal “heeled” shoes. The only problem I’ve always had was selection! For 10 years I got my shoes from the same 4-5 companies because that’s all who I really thought made them but it turns out there’s a bunch more and new shoes are being released all the time! Zero Drop footwear is finally becoming much more popular and our choices are ever expanding so now ZeroDropFootwear.com is here to help you find your new favorite shoes! Try new brands and show your support by leaving positive and constructive reviews about the shoes. Subscribe to the email list and let me know if there’s any shoes I’m missing.
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